About the Website:

T. Mack Jones

​Retired Analytical Chemist,

Poet, Author, and Musician

An analytical chemist in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries for more than 35 years,     T. Mack Jones made it to early retirement, kicking and screaming most of the way!   He now, at last, has some time to spend on his continuing passions -- poetry, prose, music and his love of life.

With the encouragement of his wife, Gloria, he is embarking on a new journey to share some of his life, writing and music through the magic of social media and he hopes to find one or two folks who might find his stories, verse, and (ancient) wisdom at least entertaining if nothing else.  Tommy (thus the "T") and Gloria live in Huntsville, AL, the "Rocket City".

For the record, Tommy has no intention of running for president in this lifetime (maybe the next)!  The site is in progress, so stay tuned for updates.